AURANGABAD - 431005 , INDIA

In 1999, in the month of October, Dr. D. B. Dhaigude, Head, Department .of  Mathematics, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, planned to organize a State Level Instructional Seminar on Developments in Graduate and Post-Graduate Mathematics in the University Department of Mathematics. At this juncture Dr. D. Y. Kasture, Dr. D. B. Dhaigude, Dr. M. D. Jahagirdar, Dr.B. P. Reddy, Dr. M. A. Deshpande, Dr. S. R. Joshi, Dr. S. N. Kasaralikar, Dr. K.R. Mehara and many other college teachers in Marathwada region thought about specific plans for developments in Graduate and Post-Graduate Mathematics. They decided to form a Mathematics Forum, which will initiate various activities for academic excellence and welfare activities for mathematics teachers . At the same time it was also decided to felicitate Dr. G. R. Shendge who was about to retire due to superannuation from the services of the university. The validictory function of the State Level Instructional Seminar was coupled with the inauguration of the Marathwada Mathematical Society at the hands of Dr. Arbind Lal, (IIT   Kanpur), in presence of veteran Mathematics Professors :
Dr. V. Raghvendra, (IIT Kanpur), Dr. Kumaresan, (University of Mumbai), Dr.S. G. Deo, (Goa University), Dr. M.S. Chaudhari,(Shivaji University Kolhapur), and felicitation of Dr. G. R. Shendge, who donated Rs. 55,000/- to the Marathwada Mathematical Society out of the sum of Rs. 90,000/- collected for his felicitation at the time of his retirement from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Aurangabad. The remaining amount was spent for the publication of proceeding of the seminar. The donors became the members of the Society. The economical background of the Society became strong due to Dr. K. S.Bharuka  memorial fund Rs. 54,000/-, Dr. N. E. Joshi memorial fund Rs. 32,000/- , Dr. S. R. Joshi support fund Rs. 26,000/- and also the collection of large amount due to patron membership of various institutes in Maharashtra and individuals as well as life membership of various indivisuals. The Marathwada Mathematical Society  registered under the Society Act in Aurangabad in 2000. During the last decade the Society has  worked for the development of Mathematics, Mathematics teachers in particular and Mathematics lovers in general.